Australia has been actively engaged in bilateral FTA negotiations, while maintaining that its top priority is multilateral trade negotiations at the WTO. Bilateral trade and investment deals which Canberra has concluded are those with New Zealand (1983), Singapore (2003), Thailand (2004), the United States (2004) and Chile (2008).

Along with New Zealand and Pacific Island Nations, Australia belongs to PACER, the Pacific Agreement on Closer Economic Relations.

Currently, Canberra is negotiating major FTAs with China, the GCC, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates and, together with New Zealand, ASEAN. There has also been mention of possible talks with Mexico.

In November 2008, Australia decided to negotiate entrance to the Pacific-4, or P4, free trade and investment agreement along with the US, Peru and possibly Vietnam. This agreement has now developed into the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

last update: May 2012

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